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Los últimos cabellos del ermitaño: Las aventuras de Willy Nilly y Thumper (Jim Henry, children’s picture book) | Willy Nilly Stories LLC, Autumn 2016. (EN-ES)

Tilting at Mountains. Love, Tragedy, and Triumph on the World’s Highest Peaks (Edurne Pasaban, memoir) | Mountaineers, 2014. (ES-EN)

Translations of poems by Mara Pastor

“She decides to flee in another language,” “Liquid,” “Spelling in the Dark” | The Offing (January 2019)

“Homage to the navel,” “Last Names on the Body,” | The Common, (November 2018)

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Translations of work by Alejandro Saravia

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“Improvisation III” (poem) | The Fourth River, International Issue

Original work

“unheimlich II” and “hunger” | In 100 Refutations, The Brooklyn Rail (April, 2018)

“ambiguous loss” | In AFTERMATH: Explorations of Loss & Grief. Ed. Radix Media (March, 2018)

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“Honorata, la milagrosa”“Los muslos de Raquel”“Libre, tú” | The Apostles Review (I,  2009)

Other translations in journals and anthologies

“Bones and Hair” (Pilar Quintana, short story) | The Arkansas International, Issue Four (Spring 2018)

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Excerpt from “Acqua” (Lucía Etxebarria, short story) | Tinta y Papel

“Dancing With the Dead” (Red Pine, aka Bill Porter) | Tinta y Papel

Translated screenplays

ÁRBOL (Pedro Augusto García, México) | Treatment and character profile for film (2013)

SAL (William Vega, Colombia) | Synopsis, treatment and related material for feature film (2012)

SIEMBRA (William Vega, Colombia) | Screenplay for feature film (2012)

VIOLENCIA (William Vega, Colombia) | Screenplay for feature film (2012)

LOS HONGOS (Oscar Ruiz Navia, Colombia) | Screenplay and related material for feature film (2012)

LA SIRGA [The Towrope] (William Vega, Colombia) | Screenplay and treatment for feature film (2010)

EL VUELCO DEL CANGREJO [Crab Trap] (Oscar Ruiz Navia, Colombia) | Screenplay for feature film, treatment, art proposal, synopsis, cinematographer’s proposal, and director’s note (2007)