ˈɪŋglɪʃ  |  espa’ɲol  |  fʀɑ̃sɛ

I offer translation, revision, copyediting, copywriting, and consulting services for private, non-profit, and corporate clients.

Projects include: books and book proposals, websites, academic papers and monographs, app and web content, children’s books, textbooks, creative adaptation, screenplays, educational video scripts, artist and writer profiles, art grant applications, and specialized documents (business, legal, medical, and automotive).


Scenic Hudson | Humanities Action Lab | dpict | All Turtles | Deloitte | The Museum of Sex | Paperbark Literary Magazine, University of Massachusetts Amherst | Beaver Books | Cartier et Lelarge1440 | Refugee Law Office (Legal Aid Ontario) |   Yoga Service Council  |  Radar Cartoons |  The MasterCard Foundation |  The Council of Canadians | CubeCap Canada | Jan Nagel |  The Banff Centre for the Arts | University of Ottawa Press | Mountaineers Books  |  UMass Translation Center  |  Uni-Select  |  Still Mountain Center  | White Dwarf Editions / Les Éditions de la Naine Blanche | Studio XX  | YWCA Montreal / Y des femmes Montréal  | Cyberlude  |  i-edit  |  Parallèle Linguistic Services | Untravel Media |  Contravia Films  |  Burning Blue | and more

Please contact me to request a quote, professional references, or samples of my work.