ˈɪŋglɪʃ  |  espa’ɲol  |  fʀɑ̃sɛ

Translation, revision, copy writing, and editing projects include marketing copy, websites, academic articles (art, literature and translation), a memoir, creative adaptation, screenplays, children’s books, textbooks, educational video scripts, artist and writer profiles, art grant applications, and specialized documents (business, legal, medical, and automotive).


Beaver Books | Refugee Law Office (Legal Aid Ontario) | 1440 |  Yoga Service Council | Radar CartoonsThe MasterCard FoundationThe Council of Canadians | CubeCap Canada | Jan NagelThe Banff Centre for the Arts | University of Ottawa Press | Mountaineers Books | UMass Translation Center | Uni-Select | Deloitte | Still Mountain Center | White Dwarf Editions / Les Éditions de la Naine Blanche | Studio XX | YWCA Montreal / Y des femmes Montréal | Cyberlude | i-edit | Parallèle Linguistic Services | Untravel Media | Contravia Films | Burning Blue

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