ˈtransˌlātər  |  traðuk’tora  |  tʀadyktʀis

I am a freelance translator and rough-weather poet with a rock climbing problem. I was born and raised in Venezuela and have lived in the US and Canada since 1993.

As a child, I spent countless hours in my room reading, writing, and poring over bilingual dictionaries. This is still what I most like to do, and I am really good at it. Since 2000, I have worked as a freelance translator and editor, weaving my passion for language, and languages, into my work.

I thoroughly enjoy the process of deconstructing a text and putting it back together, whether it is in the same language (rewriting and copyediting) or between languages (translation and revision).

My passion is translation, but my experience spans a wide range of projects in literary translation, revision, copyediting, project management, transcription, research, and language consulting for non-profit, corporate, and private clients.

Contact me if you think I can be of service.